Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

What is NIGHT SOIL . . ?

Night soil is a euphemism for human excrement collected at night from cesspools, privies, etc. and sometimes used as a fertilizer. Night soil is produced as a result of a waste management system in areas without community infrastructure such as a sewage treatment facility, or individual septic disposal. In this system of waste management, the human feces are collected in solid form.

why it's said night soil . ?
This land is said like this because in essence this land is land that comes from the collection of land that has been mixed with human feces.
It was said tonight because of mixing soil and feces than was done at night.
indeed, if viewed from the meaning that is so simple, people probably would not believe.

additional science bit
Where is the best manure between chicken manure, goat or pig. ?

The answer is chicken manure
why. . ?
Chickens do not have a urinary tracts, so the urine is released will become one with their droppings. Because of this mixing, the content of nitrogen (urea) contained in the urine of the chicken will make chicken manure becomes more valuable. because urine contains nitrogen and dirt that does not dry out like other animal feces.

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